Country Liquor & Death Trap

Country Liquor & Death Trap

Life is so cheap in our rural areas. People die in hunger, sickness without medical treatment and now drinking Country Liquor.

The incidence happened 50 km. South-West from our indoor in the area of IIMC working territory 180 death tolls more than 100 will became blind due to Methyl Alcoholic Toxins & more than 200 are hospitalized for recovery.

There are deaths due to cyclone famine and infectious endemic diseases but death toll due to poisonous Country alcohol is new social problems.

IIMC will extend support to the family of this unnatural for rehabilitation.


Dr. Sujit Kr. Brahmochary

Institute for Indian Mother & Child
Tegharia, Sonarpur
Kolkata – 700150

Death Trap  Country Liquor pdf  1 page

[Death bodies of illicit Country Liquor
– on the way to post Mortem & Forensic investigation]

Death Trap  Country Liquor pdf  1 page 1

[Helpless families of illicit Liquor victims]