Seminar on “Stop Violence Against Women”

Seminar on “Stop Violence Against Women”

Organized by IIMC – Women Peace Council (WPC)

On 25th Nov’2013.


On the occasion of “stop violence against women” we organized one seminar with 200 mothers of our Women Peace Council (WPC).

On 25th November at our indoor campus, speakers from different walk of the society & specially many educationist – Advocate, Activist – Human Right Worker – Teachers, Soroptimists & ladies club participated.

Every one spoke on women right & their empowerment & to stop any kind of violence & insulation to women. The members of WPC took active part – in the program by presenting Role play, drama & through their speech on Women Empowerment & elimination of any kind of violence to the women.

Everyone felt very content for happy with all the speakers for their talk, workshop etc to empower women & to make a better society.

At the end it has been decided that WPC will make different activities for next 2 weeks, till 10th December -  World Human Right Day, & the seminar was ended with thanks to everyone with greater  hope that IIMC – WPC will spread the message to every rural women & soon again WPC will organize such a seminar on Women Empowerment.





Reported by

 Dr. Sujit

IIMC – Mission

Kolkata, India.

Celebration and facilitation Program

Celebration and facilitation Program for – successful students of IIMC – Sikshangan Hogolkuria.

It is a pleasure for us to announce that, one of our secondary school named IIMC SIKSHANGAN HOGOLKURIA got government recognisation. After this recognisation our students can appear the final exams of secondary examination (Class X) under west Bengal Board of Secondary Examination on last February 2012. Our 26 students appeared in their final exam. Their progress report has been published from west Bengal Board of Secondary Examination on 28/05/2012. 9 students got A grade & other 17 students got B grade among them. Every one of them passed in their final Exam.

One student got the highest mark 517 out of 700 Marks in this school.

We organized an award for achievement for all those successful students on 1st of August 2012 at 3.30 pm. at the stage of Hogoplkuria School Premises.

Untitled1 1

Program was started with a beautiful inaugural song by ours school students.


Prof.Chowdhury President of IIMC & one of our educational icon delivered very inspirational and motivative – speech for all students. School managing committee honored our successful students.


Untitled1 2

  Prof. S.B. Chowdhury (President of the school honored a successful boy


 One of our committee member (Guardian representative) honored a successful girl One by one we honored everyone who passed their exam.

 Untitled1 3

One of our committee member (Guardian representative) honored a successful girl One by one we honored everyone who passed their exam.

Untitled1 4

Students are very very happy to be honored.


Not only the students but also we honored the teachers for their hard work to the students for their good result.


Mrs Barnali Brahmochary gives a vote of thanks to everyone who are attached with this school and good Wishes to the students for their bright future.


The program was ended with our National Anthem and all the happiness of every students & teachers.  














Country Liquor & Death Trap

Country Liquor & Death Trap

Life is so cheap in our rural areas. People die in hunger, sickness without medical treatment and now drinking Country Liquor.

The incidence happened 50 km. South-West from our indoor in the area of IIMC working territory 180 death tolls more than 100 will became blind due to Methyl Alcoholic Toxins & more than 200 are hospitalized for recovery.

There are deaths due to cyclone famine and infectious endemic diseases but death toll due to poisonous Country alcohol is new social problems.

IIMC will extend support to the family of this unnatural for rehabilitation.


Dr. Sujit Kr. Brahmochary

Institute for Indian Mother & Child
Tegharia, Sonarpur
Kolkata – 700150

Death Trap  Country Liquor pdf  1 page

[Death bodies of illicit Country Liquor
– on the way to post Mortem & Forensic investigation]

Death Trap  Country Liquor pdf  1 page 1

[Helpless families of illicit Liquor victims]



Institute for Indian Mother & Child (IIMC)





報告者: Ms. Ratna Chakraborty, Ms. Sujata Paul & Shashi Sharma GSK




水、水、水がいたるところに! ところが、飲料に適した水は、一滴もない。



続きを読む 西ベンガル地方の洪水(翻訳版)







Institute for Indian Mother & Child

Kolkata, India

Report on Monsoon flood & water inundation in West Bengal

NATURE: Putting people to test

BY: Ms. Ratna Chakraborty, Ms. Sujata Paul & Shashi Sharma GSK


Every year Monsoon in West Bengal, Especially in South 24 Parganas, Howrah and Hooghly Districts put people to test for their endurance, Tenacity and survival skills.

During the monsoon here, Rains can continue for a week or so, without break, if it is accompanied by depression in Bay of Bengal then you should expect the worst of torrential rains and high speeds Winds, putting life out of gear even in big cities like Kolkata, Leaving behind some serious problems of Water logging, Broken roads, Broken houses, Shortage of food & fodder, Damaged crops, Loss of livestock and waterborne disease to be addressed on priority. As nicely put by Dr. Sujit.

Water, water & water all around. But not a single drop good enough for drinking.


Media Reports about Monsoon

続きを読む 西ベンガル地方の洪水(英語版)